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Arctic GmbH, formerly known as Arctic Cooling, is a Swiss-founded manufacturer of computer cooling components, mainly CPU and graphics card coolers, case fans and thermal compound. Since 2010, Arctic expanded its business by starting a range of products to cater other consumer demands beyond that of computer cooling hardware. Nowadays, Arctic also offers various consumer products—spanning audio, home entertainment and computer peripherals. In 2012, Arctic was nominated as one of the finalists in the annual PCR Awards.

Founded in 2001, Arctic has offices in Germany, Hong Kong and the United States and cooperates with different production facilities in China. Arctic products are distributed worldwide through distributors,[8] dealers and retailers. The United States, United Kingdom and Germany are Arctic’s major markets. The company has also collaborated with leading graphics card brands such as HIS, Inno3D, PowerColor, VTX3D, and Sapphire in the development of OEM cooling equipment.

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Computer Cooling
A model of Arctic Cooling 80mm computer fan
Being the company’s original focus, Arctic designs and manufactures cooling products for computer hardware. with broad compatibility. The company owned a number of patents for its fan and cooler designs as well as for special technologies used in the air coolers including PWM sharing, low noise impeller, cross blow and anti-vibration technologies.

Freezer is a trademark of ARCTIC for its line of CPU coolers. It includes both the air cooler based on a heatpipe architecture as well as the water cooling solutions.

Alpine is a trademark of ARCTIC for its line of CPU coolers based on Aluminum extrusion heatsink. It includes both active and passive coolers.

Accelero is a trademark of ARCTIC (formerly Arctic Cooling) for its line of graphics card coolers. The Accelero line of coolers are targeted to high-end graphics cards based on GPUs from Nvidia and AMD. The Accelero series utilizes different types of cooling technologies namely air cooling, passive cooling as well as to offer different options for different customers. In 2006, Accelero X1 and Accelero X2 are the first VGA coolers introduced in the series by the manufacturer. The Accelero series has collaborated in a number of OEM projects with motherboard and video card manufacturers to develop customized graphics card cooling solutions.ARCTIC is the first video card cooler manufacturer to use a copper base for their heatsinks.
In May 2012, ARCTIC released the Accelero Hybrid, which is claimed to be the world’s first graphics card cooler with integrated air and liquid solution in the market.

Graphics card coolers are generally served as an upgrade or replacement for the stock cooler in order to reduce noise, temperature and enhance the overclocking capability of the GPU.[50] ARCTIC’s heatsinks are claimed to provide quiet, high performance cooling, which also makes the Accelero series one of the most popular graphics card coolers in the market.