RAM Distributor in Bangladesh

Random Access Memory also referred to as RAM, is a crucial part of every computer. It is in charge of keeping data that the computer needs to function momentarily. The better a computer performs, the more Memory it contains. Because of the growing number of computer users and the popularity of gaming, RAM demand is increasing exponentially in Bangladesh. Computer Solutions Inc.(CSI) is one of the major RAM distributors in Bangladesh.

RAM Distributor in BD

A boom in technological development is being seen in Bangladesh, a developing nation.

Bangladesh is moving closer to becoming a nation with a sophisticated digital infrastructure thanks to the government’s Digital Bangladesh plan.

As a result, there has been an increase in demand for Memory and other computer hardware.

As a result, there are now many distributor markets offering RAM at competitive prices all around the nation.

The major cities of Bangladesh, including Dhaka, Chittagong, and Khulna, all have Significant distributor markets.

When wanting to acquire RAM in large quantities, these markets have evolved to be the preferred choice for computer hardware retailers and resellers. DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 RAM are available in a wide range of Memory types on the distributor markets.

RAM is a crucial component of any computer, and demand for it in Bangladesh is rising quickly.

A large selection of RAM types is available at affordable costs in distributor markets all around the nation.

Computer Solutions Inc.(CSI) makes sure that the RAM we offer is of the highest caliber and compatible with the most recent computer hardware. Retailers and resellers of computer gear now have it simpler to meet Bangladesh’s rising demand for RAM thanks to the availability of high-quality Memory at distributor costs.

Ram Distributor Products



-Transfer speed up to 2,133Mbps, at 17GB per second

-1.2v: a 25% power saving


-Compatible with Intel® 100 & 200 Series Platforms

-Enables your computer to operate in a stable, reliable environment


With Tested Compatibility.

Apacer DDR4 DIMM 3200-16 1024×8 16GB 1.35V OC NOX RGB AURA2 w/HS RP ( AH4U16G32C08YNBAA-1 )

  • Frequency/Voltage/Cas Latency: 2666MHz/4GB, 1.3V/16-18-18-36
  • Memory Architecture: x8 FBGA DRAM chip
  • Intel XMP 2.0: Yes
  • PIN: 288-pin
  • Certificate: RoHS, CE, FCC, RCM, VCCI, JEDEC
  • Package: Single Channel Package, Dual Channel package

Why do you need a RAM

An important factor in a computer’s performance is Memory. It serves as a link between the processor and the hard disk, enabling rapid data access. A computer’s ability to retrieve data quickly and perform programs smoothly increases with the amount of Memory it has.

For performing data-intensive jobs like video editing, gaming, or running several programs at once, RAM is crucial.

Bangladesh is becoming a country where gaming is becoming more and more popular, which has increased the demand for high-performance Memory.

To ensure that their games operate smoothly and without latency, gamers need high-speed Memory.

Furthermore, RAM is essential for companies that use computers to run their operations. Several workers may be utilizing the same computer at once in an office setting.

The computer will be able to handle the workload and run many applications without becoming sluggish if it has enough RAM.

Ram Price in Bangladesh

The type and capacity of the RAM affect the price of RAM in Bangladesh. The newest and most sophisticated type of Memory is DDR4, but it is also the priciest. DDR4 RAM may be purchased in Bangladesh for as little as 3,500 BDT for an 8GB module and as much as 20,000 BDT for a 64GB module.

The most popular type of RAM in Bangladesh is DDR3, which is less priced than DDR4. DDR3 RAM may be purchased in Bangladesh for as little as 1,500 for an 8GB module and as much as 10,000 for a 32GB module.

The oldest Memory technology, DDR2, is seldom ever used in contemporary PCs. DDR2 RAM may be purchased in Bangladesh for as little as 800 BDT for a 4GB module and as much as 3,500 BDT for an 8GB module.

The worldwide supply and demand, exchange rates, and import tariffs all have an impact on RAM prices in Bangladesh. Due to these circumstances, RAM is typically more expensive in Bangladesh than in other nations.

Why Choose Us?

One of the top distributors of RAM in Bangladesh is Computer Solutions Inc. (CSI), which differs from its rivals in several ways. 

DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, and ECC RAM are among the many RAM products that Computer Solutions Inc.(CSI) offers.

Also, we provide server RAM and high-performance gaming Memory in their product line.

Being the best gaming RAM distributor in Bangladesh, Computer Solutions Inc.(CSI) can serve a broad spectrum of distributor buyers and makes it simple for our customers to discover the precise sort of RAM they require.

Only top-notch Memory from reliable sources is sold by Computer Solutions Inc.(CSI) We make sure that our RAM products adhere to global quality standards and are compatible with the newest computer hardware.

This dedication to quality guarantees that our customers will receive dependable and effective RAM products.