BT-Pon 1ge Gpon Epon Onu Network Ips BT-511XZ

  • GPON working mode Compliance with IEEE 802.3ah & itu-t g.984.x standard
  • GPON:8 T-CONTs,32 GEM Ports
  • EPON working mode compliant with IEEE 802.3ah specification and OAM protocol
  • Supports the WEB configuration function
  • Support SFU and HGU types, can switch to use each other
  • HGU type, Support PPPoE/ Static IP/ DHCP
  • Layer 2 Switching, support 802.1Q VLAN, 802.1P QOS, Bandwidth Control, Spanning Tree, etc
  • Layer 3 Home Gateway/CPE features with Hardware NAT, supports Route mode, etc
  • Supports the configuration of Ethernet interface rates, working modes, MDI/ MDIX auto-negotiation mode, and Pause flow control
  • Provides performance statistics on all Ethernet lines
  • Support multicast IGMP snooping
  • Supports the L2 wire speed forwarding
  • Supports the AES-128 algorithm for data encryption of downlink data
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BT-Pon 1ge Gpon Epon Onu Network Ips BT-511XZ

BT-511XZ model GPON EPON  ONU is a user terminal device independently developed by BTPT in line with such industrial background. The device has built-in two-layer switching function . It is compact and compact, and is an FTTH optical network unit with high performance and low power consumption.BT-122XR ONU can automatically switch EPON/GPON working mode and can be used in EPON/GPON network, which is very suitable for the application requirements of various data services in FTTH networking scenarios of various operators.

1GE GEPON ONU meets telecom operators FTTO (office), FTTD (Desk), FTTH(Home) broadband speed, SOHO broadband access, video surveillance and other requirements and design a xPON Gigabit Ethernet products.

Hardware Specifications
Size (L*W*H) 90mm (L) ×90mm (W) ×24mm (H)
Optical signal access EPON/GPON
User interface 1GE
Indicator light POWER/PON/LOS/LAN
Button Power switch Button, Reset Button
Weight 95g
Power adapter input 100V~240V AC,50Hz~60Hz
PowerSupply requirement 12V DC,0.5A
Power consumption <6w
Working temperature -10°C ~ +45°C
Environment humidity 5% ~ 95% (Non-condensing)
PON Interface
Module type SC/UPC
Working wavelength up 1310nm,down 1490nm
TX Optical power value 0.5~4dbm
RX Optical power sensitivity  -27dBm
Transmission distance 0~20km
Transmission rate GPON: Uplink 1.244Gbps;downlink 2.488Gbps

EPON: Uplink 1.244Gbps;downlink 1.244Gbps

Ethernet interface
Interface type  RJ45
Interface parameters  1 x 10/100/1000Mbps auto adaptive Ethernet interfaces


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