Deepcool PX1200G 1200W 80+ Gold Power Supply

  • Model: PX1200G
  • Type: ATX12V V3.0
  • Efficiency certification:  80Plus GOLD/Cybenetics_Platinum
  • Fan Size: 135mm
  • Fan Bearing: FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing)
  • Warranty: 10 years

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Deepcool PX1200G 1200W 80+ Gold Power Supply

The DeepCool PX1200G is a newly designed power supply that meets the latest ATX 3.0 standard. With a dedicated 12VHPWR, 2 EPS, and 3 PCI-e ports, the PX1200G provides stable power for a wide range of components.


  • DeepCool PX1200G power supply is a newly designed power supply that meets the latest ATX 3.0 standard which supports modern power hungry GPUs with a dedicated 12VHPWR(600w Maximum Cable), 2 EPS, and 3 PCI-e ports
  • Dual certifications DeepCool PX1200G power supply meets both 80 PLUS Gold standard and Cybenetics Platinum standard for the highly performance power efficiency to provide stable and consistent 1200w power for legacy and next-generation PC components
  • With the ability to provide three times the total GPU power excursion and twice the total system power excursion, random power spikes will never be an issue for DeepCool PX1200G power supply which prevents potential risk
  • Solid and reliable power is provided through the use of full Japanese 105℃ capacitors, through the use of a dual main capacitor topology, PX1200G PSU can keep the hold-up time to ≥ 16ms under full load. Due to the high quality of the PSU build, DeepCool PX1200G power supply works at altitudes up to 5000 meters above sea level
  • DeepCool PX1200G power supply comes equipped with the option to switch into semi-fanless operation. In hybrid mode, the quiet 135mm FDB fan will dynamically adjust out of its zero RPM state once the system load hits a certain threshold to be eco-friendly
  • DeepCool PX1200G features 10 years warranty for long-term use for the foreseeable future, any questions or technical support needs, please feel free to contact brand customer service, DeepCool always remains at your disposal

Technical Spec

Type ATX12V V3.0
Product Dimensions 150×160×86mm (W x L x H)
Efficiency certification 80Plus GOLD/Cybenetics_Platinum
Fan Size 135mm
Fan Bearing FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing)
Topology Active PFC + Half Bridge SRC LLC + DC to DC
Capacitors Full Japan Electrolytic Capacitors
Power Good Signal 100-150ms
Hold Up Time ≥16ms
Efficiency ≥90% Under Typical Load(50% Loading)
Operation Temperature 0 – 40℃
Erp Regulation ErP 2014
Environment Protection WEEE/中国 RoHS/Triman
MTBF 100,000 Hours
EAN P/N 6933412716853 R-PXC00G-FC0B-CN
6933412716860 R-PXC00G-FC0B-AU
6933412716877 R-PXC00G-FC0B-EU
6933412716884 R-PXC00G-FC0B-JP
6933412716891 R-PXC00G-FC0B-UK
6933412716907 R-PXC00G-FC0B-US
6933412716914 R-PXC00G-FC0B-WO
6933412716921 R-PXC00G-FC0B-BP

Deepcool PX1200G 1200W 80+ Gold Power Supply

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10 Years Service Warranty


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