PC Power PG-H600 WH Iceland M-Atx/ Atx Gaming casing


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  • Model: PG-H600 WH
  • Support: ATX/Micro ATX/Mini ATX
  • ARGB fan – 6 ARGB Fan Pre-installed
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PC Power PG-H600 WH Iceland: A White Canvas for Your Dream Gaming PC


  • Model: PG-H600 WH
  • Support: ATX/Micro ATX/Mini ATX
  • USB port: USB1.0*2 + HD Audio + USB3.0*1
  • Left Side panel: Tool free Tempered glass
  • Right Side panel: Tool free metal side panel
  • front panel: Tempered glass
  • H.D.D (3.5″) space:2
  • S.S.D (2.5″) space:2
  • Case size: 415*295*368mm
  • Max VGA Card: 400mm
  • Max CPU  Cooler Height:175mm
  • ARGB fan – 6 ARGB Fan Pre-installed

PC Power PG-H600 WH Iceland: A White Canvas for Your Dream Gaming PC

Envision your ideal gaming setup. A machine that’s not only powerful but looks as sharp as your reflexes. The PC Power PG-H600 WH Iceland is the perfect foundation for building that dream. This ATX mid-tower case seamlessly blends functionality with a sleek, white aesthetic, primed to become the centerpiece of your gaming battlestation.

Striking Looks Wrapped in Tempered Glass

The Iceland WH Iceland stuns with its modern, minimalist design. The eye-catching tempered glass side panel offers a clear view of your internal components, transforming them into the centerpiece of a technological masterpiece. Imagine the satisfaction of admiring the intricate details of your meticulously chosen parts, bathed in the glow of your customized lighting effects (more on that later).

This side panel also boasts a convenient tool-free design, making it a breeze to access and modify your hardware whenever needed. No more wrestling with cumbersome screws – just a simple press and you’re in!

Unleash the Lightshow: Pre-Installed ARGB Fans

Let your gaming rig radiate personality with the Iceland’s built-in lighting magic. This case comes pre-installed with a stunning array of 6 ARGB fans, each capable of producing a dazzling spectrum of colors. Customize the lighting effects to match your style, creating an immersive atmosphere that perfectly complements the intensity of your gameplay. Imagine the awe-inspiring environment these lights can create as you conquer epic in-game challenges!

Freedom to Build: Versatile ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ATX Support

The PG-H600 WH Iceland offers exceptional compatibility, supporting a wide range of motherboard sizes – ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ATX. This flexibility empowers you to choose the motherboard that perfectly aligns with your performance needs and budget. Whether you’re a seasoned PC builder or embarking on your first project, the Iceland provides the freedom to craft a machine that’s uniquely yours.

Ample Storage and Cooling Options for Peak Performance

Gamers know the struggle – a library of games, applications, and media files that never seems to shrink. Thankfully, the Iceland provides ample storage options to accommodate your growing collection. It features space for two 3.5-inch HDDs and two 2.5-inch SSDs, allowing you to strike a perfect balance between high-capacity storage and lightning-fast loading times.

On the cooling side of things, the Iceland ensures your high-performance components stay chilled under pressure. With a maximum VGA card length of 400mm and a maximum CPU cooler height of 175mm, you have the freedom to choose powerful graphics cards and beefy CPU coolers without sacrificing compatibility.

User-Friendly Features for a Smooth Build Experience

Building a PC can be a rewarding experience, but it shouldn’t be an intimidating one. The Iceland incorporates several user-friendly features to streamline the process. The tool-free tempered glass side panel we mentioned earlier is a prime example, but it doesn’t stop there. The case also provides ample space for clean cable management, ensuring optimal airflow and a polished aesthetic within your build. No more tangled wires hindering performance or compromising the overall look of your masterpiece.

Connectivity Covered: Stay Gear Up and Ready to Play

The PG-H600 WH Iceland comes equipped with all the essential connectivity options you need to connect your favorite peripherals and accessories. It features two USB 1.0 ports, an HD audio jack, and a conveniently placed USB 3.0 port for high-speed data transfer. This ensures you can seamlessly connect your mouse, keyboard, headset, and any other essential gear to dominate the competition.

Conclusion: Craft Your Dream Gaming Experience

The PC Power PG-H600 WH Iceland is an enticing proposition for gamers seeking a feature-rich case that offers exceptional value. It boasts a stunning white design with tempered glass panels, vibrant ARGB lighting, and ample space for all your essential components. Whether you’re a seasoned builder or a newcomer, the Iceland provides the perfect foundation for building a powerful and visually captivating gaming machine. So, unleash your inner creator and craft the gaming PC of your dreams with the PC Power PG-H600 WH Iceland!

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PC Power PG-H600 WH Iceland M-Atx Atx Gaming casing

PC Power PG-H600 WH Iceland M-Atx/ Atx Gaming casing


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