DTECH DT-7004B VGA to HDMI HD Converter

VGA to HDMI high-definition converter, can convert VGA analog video signal and 3.5mm interface stereo audio signal into HDMI digital signal, so that the analog audio and video signals of computer, DVR and so on can be doubled to high-definition HDMI signal output, easy to connect LCD TV, HD Display, etc.


  1. Input VGA signal format: 1920*1080P backward compatible
  2. Output HDMI signal format: 1080P (50Hz/60Hz) backward compatible
  3. Output video signal impedance matching: 100Ω
  4. Working environment temperature: -25 ° C -75 ° C
  5. Working environment humidity: 65%
  6. Product size: 88 * 48.5 * 20mm (L*W*H)
  7. Maximum working current: DC5V/350mA


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